Mobile advertising by SAMS. Equip your trucks with the patented SAMS advertising system and change your ad banners in just a few minutes

On average a truck circumnavigates the earth 3 times per year. We want to make use of this fact for your company.

Reach your target group with one of the most effective advertising media: changeable ad banners on trucks with the SAMS advertising system - by 4media. Your vehicle becomes a mobile advertising space with a high ad range.

We transform your trucks
into mobile advertising spaces.

Suitable to your ad campaigns.

No break for your advertising media. Trucks surround us all the time and cannot be skipped. They are in the heart of every city. Daily.

Our service team comes to you
changing your ad banners


The european certified procedure relies on self-retaining tension profiles. Your truck is revalued visually. The ad banner hides dents, flaws, scratches and other superficial damages. You save yourself the trouble of small repairs and long standing times.