About us

we are

We realised our idea and patented it. The tensioning device is certified and self-retaining.

We know good products need more to be successful in the market. A comprehensive service, short response times and individual solutions for our customers.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Sales:
Rainer Schuh

with us

You change your ad campaigns and we change the ad banners on your trucks in just a few minutes.

Our mobile service team changes your ad banners on site, quick and professional. We also organise the printing of your banners in co-ordination with your advertising agency. You can focus on your core business.

we offer

We transform your vehicle fleet into a mobile advertising space. In the heart of the city and conspicuous.

All our products are TÜV certified. There is no need for additional approvals. In the current time everything becomes mobile. We do the same with your advertising space on your trucks along with your trailers.

  • Your trucks are capable of more than you think

  • More travel time, more ad range

  • Mobile ads are more creative