Safety first. The tension frame system consist of base profiles – which are glued to the box body through a tested and certified process. Subsequently these are joined with the tension profiles which secure the ad banners firmly and safely.

The patented tension profiles are self-retaining: This prevents an inadvertent opening of the system. The profiles lock in place automatically by spanning the levers. The screwed corners seal the entire system and form the end of a 4-stage security system.

The 1 tension profile along with the ad banner indrawn into the keder rail profile is mounted on the affixed hooked base profile.

The 2 lever section of the tension profile is pushed down and fixed in the hooked base profile – security stage I

The 3 keder profile along with the ad banner is pushed down...

...and 4 locked in place – security stage II. Additionally the keder profile 5 is engaged in the lever profile – security stage III

Finally 4 screwed corners with coverings 6 are mounted for the protection of the tension profiles – security stage IV